Hi! I'm Jared, a maximizer.

I like to take good things and make them better.
I have strengths in maximizing, ideation, strategy, self-assurance, and individualization.


Currently, I am helping people get to their destination safely as an Uber driver. Uber is a great way to make some extra income, meet a lot of wonderful people, and help people get from point A to point B.

Recently, I assisted the Arlington Police Department with updating all police mobile computers as part of transition to a new Records Management System.

    This included:
  • updating and deploying a new Windows 7 image with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit;
  • updating and cleaning Group Policies;
  • troubleshooting applications; and
  • making sure mobile computers operate efficiently, and are easy to use, for officers.

I utilized my maximizer, ideation, and strategic strengths to create and improve processes and systems to create 'raving fans' in both employees and guests at a camp and retreat center called Allaso Ranch. From paintball, to a swim center, to a ropes challenge course, I make sure guests have an excellent and unforgettable experience. I am able to do this with my strategy strenght to create and manage the logistics and operations of hosting guest groups; this includes scheduling staff and creating detailed itineraries. I then lead a team of two full-time and 30-ish part-time staff to carry out the vision by placing the right players in the right positions.

I help build the local Church, and encourage life change, through the use of media and technology. I have done this at Fellowship Church as a volunteer of FC Creative and Production Manager. I have also helped Pathway Church, as a consultant, in implementing several stage designs and DMX controlled lighting rig.

I have helped public safety agencies by implementing technology that supports, increases efficiency, and safety of their officers, firemen, and paramedics. I started as a Police Officer in Dallas, Texas.
I then became a Police Technolgy Specialist in Arlington, Texas. I have also worked as a field engineer for Panasonic Toughbooks.

    As a Police Technology Specialist, I:
  • implemented and maintained mobile video systems and video storage servers using Digital Safety Technologies’ Digital Patroller and Panasonic’s Arbitrator software.
  • was actively involved in coordinating with the IT department and the Police department in developing technology and infrastructure for improving Police effectiveness and safety.
  • was part of a mobile hardware upgrade and new CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) deployment. That consisted of:
    • developing and deploying Windows Server 2008 R2 Group Policies for mobile Windows 7 clients.
    • creating Windows 7 deployable images with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for Panasonic Toughbooks and Dell XFRs.
    • creating AutoIT, VB and JavaScript utilities and programs for end user convenience, security, and automated Windows 7 deployment.
    • managing the cellular data accounts.
    • becoming a Certified Administrator for NetMotion Mobility, which was used to secure our mobile clients.
    • managing and working closely with the vendor installing all hardware and computers in police vehicles.
    As a Toughbook Field Engineer, I:
  • provided technical support and solutions for Panasonic Toughbook customers in a five state territory.
  • used my maximizer, ideation, and strategic strengths, to engineer technoloogy solutions for customers.
  • assisted the sales team via phone conversations, e-mails, webinars, and on-site visits with pre-sales and post-sales support.

I also share AdvoCare's products and opportunity. As an AdvoCare Independent Distributor, I am able share top-of-the-line nutritional supplements, to help people with energy, weight loss, and sports performance. I am also able to help people build a business to earn income.

About Me


I love flying. I grew up going to Air Shows with my family. My dad worked for an aerospace company. I am looking to pursue a career in Aviation as a pilot; whether that be as a flight instructor, charter or corporate pilot, or airline pilot is to be determined. My wife and I have a blog, Plane and Simple Life, that I am documenting my thoughts and experiences with aviation, as well as sharing our journey with simplifying our lives.


I like to develop applications. At a young age, I was building computers and learning how to make webpages with HTML. Currently I like playing with Ruby and Python for development.

I like data. At work, I am often compiling and analyzing data in spreadsheets to create pivot tables, crazy conditional formatting, and crunch numbers. Most of my development ideas revolve around collecting and analyzing data in MongoDB databases.

I like system engineering. I play with Docker, MongoDB, Redis, Weave, and Flocker, to create a clustered containter infrastructure on my personal servers.

Hands On

I like to build things. I have built several pieces of furniture, including: an entertainment center, bed frame, and several large office desks.

I like construction. I enjoy remodeling houses and building structures. I recently remodeled a 36' 5th Wheel RV. Three days after moving into my previous house, I was knocking out a wall to remodel the kitchen and living room. I have built a 8'x8' shed that was used for a well pump, filtration equipment, and water heater. I built a 12'x16' sun deck on a hillside. I designed and built a wood rail fence with wire that spanned over 300' and included a 4' gate and a 10' gate.

I like mechanical things. I enjoy working on my vehicles, especially installing upgrades. I have installed a small lift kit on a Tacoma and a 6" long arm lift on a Wrangler TJ. I repainted a motorcycle. I am not afraid to get my hands dirty to tinker with something; I will figure out how it works and fix it (even if it wasn't broken to start with).


I like designing. I use SketchUp to create a 3D rendering and plan for all my ideas from furniture to structures. I like using Adobe InDesign and Illustrator to create typographical print media.

I like lighting. I have used GrandMA and Martin consoles to program lighting sequences. I have created stage designs using everything from commercially available LED fixtures, LED tape, IKEA hanging lights, Chloroplast, and recycled pallets.


I like cycling. I grew up riding BMX in the neighborhood and jumping homebuilt ramps. I mountain biked and occasionally hit a moderate trail. I am looking into getting into touring with my wife.

I like the outdoors. In Boy Scouts, I went camping frequently. I was in a Toyota Tacoma off-roading club that went camping and trail riding in our trucks. I enjoy kayak fishing. I enjoy shooting firearms and would like to get into 3-gun matches.

I like video content. I enjoy watching movies, documentries, and TV shows. I prefer my viewing environment to be dark and quiet, except for the amazing sound system (would love to have Dobly Atmos). I occasionally play console video games on an XBOX One.

I like learning new information. I read a lot of news and blogs everyday through Feedly. I read mostly nonfiction books. I watch a lot of tutorials.